Will Information Submission

A will is a legal document wherein you, the Testator (male)/Testatrix (female), provide instructions on how your estate (which is basically everything you own at death) is to be distributed.

Read the following instructions and submit your information.  It will be sent, securely, to one of our attorneys who will then will review the information and prepare your Last Will and Testament.  You will be charged $50.00 for our services.

When our attorneys have finished preparing your Last Will and Testament we will forward it to you per your selected method of delivery.  It is extremely important that you review the document as soon as possible.  We understand how important your legal document is to you.  That’s why we’re going to give you 48 hours to contact us if you’d like us to make any changes, amendments, or alterations.  If you contact us within the 48 hour time frame any of those additional services will be free of charge.

Again, when you receive your Last Will and Testament please review it thoroughly.  We will include an additional set of instructions on finalizing the document that you must follow in order for your Last Will and Testament to be legally valid.  But don’t worry, the additional instructions are easy and simple to follow.


  1. Name:  Enter your first, middle, and last name in the text area.
  2. Real Property:  Items of real property are things like your house or any land/acreage that you may own.  First, be certain that you “describe” the property by either including an address (if one) or the [city], [state], and [zip code] of where the property is located.  Second, let us know to whom you want to give the property.  Here’s an example:  “I want my property located at 111 Main St., Townsville, Tn, 38111 to go to my brother, Ted Smith.”
  3. Personal Property:  Personal property is basically anything that isn’t real property.  You need to “describe” the item(s) of specific personal property that you want to leave to specific people.  For example: “I leave my golden state championship ring to my son, Bobby Smith.” If you want to leave several items of personal property to one or more people you can include a general description.  For example:  “I leave all my living room furniture to my daughter, Samantha Smith.”
  4. Bank Accounts/Other Accounts:  Fill out this section if you have a checking, savings, or similar account that you want in your will.  You’ll need to list (i) the name of the bank/institution where the account is located, (ii) the [city], [state], and [zip code] of where the bank/institution itself is located, (iii) the type of account (i.e., checking, savings, etc.), and (iv) the name of the person(s) to whom you want to have it.  For example:  “I leave the contents of my checking account at Big Bank in Townsville, Tn 38111 to my sister, Sue Smith.”  (NOTE:  An account number is not necessary UNLESS you have multiple similar accounts at the same bank/institution (i.e., if you have two checking accounts at the same bank, you’ll need to include the account number-you can simply include the last 4 digits if you’d like)).
  5. Vehicles:  In this section you’ll need to include the make and model of the vehicle and the name of the person(s) to whom you’d like to have it.
  6. Miscellaneous:  In this section you can include almost anything else you’d like to place in your will.  For example you could describe how you want your funeral and/or whether you’d like to be buried or cremated.  You could also name a guardian, or guardians, to look after your children.  So forth and so on….
  7. Executor/Executrix:  The executor (male) or executrix (female) is the person(s) appointed by you to see that your wishes are carried out.  Put that person(s) name in this section.
  8. Alternate Executor/Executrix: In this section you’ll need to put the name of an alternate executor/executrix should your original be unable or simply choose not to serve.

If you don’t own any items that would normally go in one of the following fields, just leave it blank.

After you hit “Submit” above, click the link below to securely enter your payment information.  We’ll go ahead and start work on your Last Will and Testament.  When our experienced attorneys finish preparing your document we’ll check to make sure your payment went through and then will forward it to you via Email or U.S. Mail. REMEMBER to follow the attached instructions.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you in anyway that we can.

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