Last Will + Testamentary Trust

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document wherein you direct how your estate (which is basically everything you own at death) should be distributed.

A Trust is a legal document wherein you place certain property in trust for the benefit of a named beneficiary and you provide instructions to a Trustee (a person of your choosing) on how to manage and distribute the property.  

The biggest difference between the two documents relates to when they become enforceable.  A Last Will and Testament doesn’t become enforceable until the moment of your death.  A Trust becomes effective the moment it’s created.  A Testamentary Trust, unlike the basic or general Trust, operates more like a will.  In other words, a Testamentary Trust is just like a basic or general trust except that it does not become enforceable until the moment of your death.

If you would like a Last Will and Testament and a Testamentary Trust, you’ve come to the right place.  Please read the instructions on each page of the following form before submitting your information.  Once you’ve submitted your information, we’ll immediately start working on your document and forward it back to you via your chosen delivery method. You will also receive an additional set of instructions for finalizing the document.  You must follow the additional set of instructions in order for your document to become legally valid.  But don’t worry, the additional instructions are simple and easy to follow.  

When you receive your document it is extremely important that you review it thoroughly.  We understand how important your legal document is and that’s why we’re going to give you 48 hours to contact us if you’d like us to make any changes, additions, or alterations to your document.