A Contract is a legal document that binds two or more people to their agreement.  To have a valid contract there must be (i) an Offer, (ii) Consideration, and (iii) an Acceptance.  The person(s) making the offer is known as the “Offeror(s).”  The person(s) accepting the offer is known as the “Offeree(s).”

Below you can choose from either a complex or simple contract.  A simple contract will have very few terms and conditions.  A complex contract will have several terms and conditions.

Contract (Complex)

Contract (Simple)

Within minutes you could have the perfect contract for you.  Simply click on one of the two options above, fill out the form, and within hours (maybe even minutes) you’ll have exactly what you need to make that agreement legally binding.

Here at TNLD we can make almost any form of contract.  We can draft, for example, Purchase/Sale Agreements, Rent-To-Own Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements, etc.

Just click on the tab and let us know how you what type of contract you need and we’ll get it done.